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Gutter making machine Z-4U

The Z-4U machine serves for the manufacture of classic roof gutters of extended width 200mm to 400mm and trough gutters of extended width 700mm.

The machine consists of two sections. In the curling section, the sheetmetal is curled to a U-shape form at first; beading section then makes a bead and the back flashing. The size of bead is 18mm or 20mm, respectively. Both machine sections can be interconnected, or can be used separately. Rods of diameter 16mm, 18mm and 20mm are used in the beading section.

Gutter making machine Z-4U

Technical data

Machine length 4300 mm
Maximum gutter length 4020 mm
Extended gutter width 250 mm ÷ 400 mm
  700 mm (trough gutter)
Sheetmetal thickness (400MPa) 0,6 mm
Machine productivity 100 m/1 hod.
Machine weight 400 kg


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manufacture and sale of machines for tinsmiths

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