výroba a prodej klempířských strojů

manufacture and sale of machines for tinsmiths


advanced technical solution – original design

patent protection – high quality – favourable price

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About the company

We are a company manufacturing machines intended predominantly for tinsmiths working in the building industry. We have a 17-year experience in this field. The seat of the company is located in Otrokovice in the Czech Republic.

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The machines we design and manufacture feature an original and simple design incorporating a number of advanced technical solutions. Hundreds of the machines produced by our company provide a reliable service to their users all over Europe. In addition to their technical qualities and a high service performance they are also low-priced.

Where it is not feasible or economical to use factory-produced elements for tinsmith works on roofs you will no doubt appreciate our MO-2 or MO-3 bending machines, which can be utilized to bend and cut to length metal sheets as long as 9 meters in the lengthwise direction. The benefits in productivity of labour (notably at assembly carried out on roofs), in material saving and quality of plating derived from lower number of joints, are apparent. The modular design brings advantages both in handling and transport of the machine. And first of all, thanks to the simple and practical design, price of the machines is affordable for every tinsmith's workshop.

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Another advanced group in our product range are machines for work with sheet metal rolls. They include equipment for roll unwinding and subsequent cutting in both crosswise and lengthwise directions. They are an important addition to bending machines but will find a use even alone. Savings in material and labour at work with the sheet metal rolls compared to those attainable when working with sheets are doubtless.

Our offer includes also some machines for fundamental equipment of a metal-worker (tinsmith's) shop.

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We believe you will find our offer interesting and look forward to our mutual business contacts in the future.

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manufacture and sale of machines for tinsmiths

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